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neutral nook

         If the use of beige, tans, and neutrals in Interior Design is wrong than there might be almost no point in being right.

Colors are great, but they seem to affect a mood so particularly in a home when one has to stifle through them all the time, it can hardly seem worth it. Take red for instance, striking, bold, and super beautiful when blended adequately. However living in red is really something that requires a full commitment. Verywellmind.com states about color psychology that:  "Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors and include red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility."  

But maybe it's time to rethink this all, perhaps we've all just been over-saturated in European based designing that does

not have as much familiarity with the vibrant mood schemes of other countries like Brazil, Morocco, Jamaica, India or even China were red is worn at weddings.

Or perhaps neutral is just appealing to a person raised in a capitalist society because the color scheme of your environment does not command the attention of the room you're in, but perhaps self centeredly... you, the person in it. 

Then again it could all just be a personal preference and appeal of what your eyes feel comfortable looking at, if only we could change out decoration and furniture everyday like we do our clothes. Because just maybe variety Is the spice of life.

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              Music culture is this ever changing, multi faceted surrealism that sometimes I choose to live in and other times it's just not for me. As of lately, it seems to have produced, a culture of giving... perhaps out of sheer pressure of the world climate we now encounter. Steadily however it feels like Hip Hop continues to rise to the top of that trend, whether it's rappers giving away cash in videos to those less fortunate or promoting other rap artists and their projects displaying heartfelt friendships. It's as if there was this unspoken decision that themes as old as the Bible and sowing the reciprocity of our harvest are now believable for the Hip Hop community. Who has time to hate? Why... we're better together... that's the consistent message it seems. Congruently other arenas of society have displayed the same progression, even in how we do business,  services where other people provide services to other people through bnb's or personal ridesharing organizations leave large mono corporations in the backseat of what we do and how we do it as people. It's like we agree that life should be more affordable and generous and if we're careful we can do it all together. 

However there are those exceptions to the rule, like crazy Lyft and Uber stories. Which parallels my feelings that humans, even with the best of intentions, just when we think we've got it ...along comes another set of problems we face and need to manage in our societies and ultimately innate nature,  which assures me we'll always need God, no matter how much we grow.

With that said, I still feel like I'm at a prom for Hip Hop as of lately that's all grown up and stuff. Or at least a process where it is growing, becoming totally global and well classy nights with black satin suits and understated jewelry just fills the air, not to forget a proper wine spritzer and probably a vegan menu? Although some might tell you we had passed through the greatest times, I have an innate sense the golden years of Hip Hop are just ahead of us.

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Carlotta Crosby